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The Peach pink Hard Builder LED/UV gel is a very versatile gel and is the most flexible of the Hard Builder gels. This gel is suitable for extensions on forms or tips.  Depending on the nail type of the client in which case it can be applied in 1 or 2 layers depending on the required result. Thanks to its nice peach pink appearance it is perfect for a dramatic French manicure and Best to do ombre too with our Pure white builder gel.


Our HARD BUILDER gels are hard builder gels, some comparable to acrylics and therefore very suitable for any nail extensions on forms or tips. 
They are all LED/ UV curable Gels that cure in 60 seconds in ProNails THE LIGHT and 2 minutes in UV lamps.

Within the HARD BUILDER gels some are harder than others. HARD BUILDER gels can be suitable as base and builder gels. But we are recomanded applied over Mida's Touch base gels (Perfect Base).
For maximum nail adhesion apply Mida's Touch Strenghtener gel (optional).
 Thanks to their hardness these gels allow for thinner more natural looking gel nails.

The Mida's Touch  Hard Builder gels come in different colours (CLEAR, PURE WHITE, PEACH PINK, ROSE PINK & SOFT PINK,) and Slightly different textures.

Builder Gel Peach Pink DA184 - 30 grms

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