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MTW2708 Holographic Nail Foils Broken Glass FoilsBroken glass manicure has appeared not long ago. This trend comes from South Korea. Its main idea is to imitate parts of broken glass on your nails. Sometimes the result is fascinating, sometimes not at all.

MTW2708 Holographic Nail Foils (each)

  • Tools for broken glass nails:

    • foil
    • scissors
    • top coat
    • an orange tree stick
    • nail polish of any color (preferably dark ones)

    DIY glass manicure at home:

    • First of all make classic manicure and apply two layers on nail polish. Don’t forget to move away or cut the cuticles and apply base coat. So, do what you usually do with the nails to make them perfect.
    • We have to cut the foil into triangles of different sizes and shapes. We don’t need well-formed triangles. Remember how parts of broken glass look like. We need to cut the foil the same way.
    • When the fragments are ready take top coat and apply it on the nail plate.
    • Put a small drop of top coat on a sheet of paper. With the help of an orange tree stick and top coat glue the fragment to the nail. Remember that you should stick the foil from the glowing side.
    • Work quickly and glue foil parts on the nail. Put them not far away from each other.
    • Slightly press on the fragments to create an illusion of broken glass.
    • Repeat with the rest of the nails. Or do it only on the ring-finger. This depends on your personal taste.
    • Apply top coat and wait till it’s dry.
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