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▪︎Perfect for holding down those bottom lashes!

▪︎An ergonomic shape which fits most of the eye shapes 

These curve to allow for the natural eye shape, this can also be cut to suit everyone eyes.

▪︎Thin gel strip - allows the customer's eyes to be completely closed, which prevents the risk of potential chemical burn 

▪︎Aloe vera extract - helps to re-hydrate the skin, adds brightness, elasticity and softness to the sensitive under-eye area

▪︎Each pack contains 2 eye pads 

▪︎Good stick and easy removal, gentle on the skin and refreshing!

▪︎These Hydrogel under Eye Pads. Perfect for protection during Russian lash application.

▪︎Made from 100% natural plant extract.

▪︎Will help to moisturise and tighten your skin under the eye.

▪︎Rejuvenate by helping to remove fine lines and dark circles.


Active ingredient: Water, Glycerol, Aloe Extract and Vitamin C

Lint Free Under eye patch

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