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Easy fanning eyelash extensions. These self fanning russian volume eyelashes in 0.05 can create more wispy and natural look and also great for mega volume lashes in just HALF the time! The multi layered strips of easy fan lashes allow you to grab fans directly from the strip resulting in quicker fan creation & quicker treatment time! 

On average, 1 box of easy fanning lashes, which contains 12 strips, would last for 4-6 clients (depending on the lash lengths used for each set and the amount of clients' own natural lashes)

Product Details:

D Curl design, each tyray contains 12 strips of easy fan lashes, available in lengths 9mm - 15mm
One strip of easy fanning lashes lasts for around 2 clients

Perfect for creating a dramatic strip lash effect!

Volume russian Lashes 0.05 D curls

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