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Crystal and rhinestone pickup tool and combined positioning tip.

The pick up tool is suitable for picking rhinestones, crystal, studs, gems, caviar, beads jewel, diamond, stones, sequins etc to aid creating beautiful nail designs.

This double headed crystal pickup tool uses a solid wax tip for picking rhinestones and the stainless steel tip positions and presses them to stay on the nail surface.

Perfect for nail art work, the pencil performs well and is easy to use and helps position the gem accurately on false or natural nails.

Suitable for beginners or professional nail techs. 


Material: metallic body, filled with clear rhinestone inside, non-deformation and non-corroding, durable for longer use and beautiful design.


Handle: crystal and acrylic 
Head: wax and stainless steel tip
Length: 15 cm 
Color: clear crystal

Crystal Pickup Tool

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